Featured Idaho Patent: Chemical vaporizer for material deposition systems and associated methods

U.S. Patent Number 8,225,745 – Chemical vaporizer for material deposition systems and associated methods

Every Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office publishes newly granted patents. This blog post is part of a weekly series in which I pick an interesting new patent that has Idaho connections and briefly describe it.

Inventors: Eugene P. Marsh  (Boise, ID), David R. Atwell (Boise, ID)

AssigneeMicron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID)

Micron is by far the most prolific patent-getter in Idaho. (Of the 29 patents granted today to Idaho inventors or assignees, Micron received 20 of them.) So, if I featured Micron’s patents on my blog at a frequency proportional to the number of patents it receives, I would be talking about Micron in 2/3 of these blog posts. I don’t do that because I like the variety I’ve seen from patent applicants all over the state. Still, every once in a while I see an interesting technology from Micron that I like to feature.

Today’s featured patent is a chemical vapor deposition system for fabricating integrated circuits. Chemical vapor deposition is a process commonly used to deposit a very thin layer on a semiconductor or other substrate. This invention regulates the amount of solvent intoduced into the vaporizer apparatus to optimize the equilibrium and minimize clogging within the vaporizer.