Fourth Quarter FY 2011 Trademark Data

The USPTO’s Trademark Dashboard for Quarter Four of the 2011 fiscal year (ending September 30, 2011) is up. Similar to the Patent Dashboard, the Trademark Dashboard displays the vital statistics of the trademark examination side of the USPTO, such as pendency, number of applications processed, and quality scores.

The USPTO does not have the backlog for trademark applications that it does for patent applications. The USPTO reports that it met or exceeded performance targets for trademark pendency, quality, electronic processing, and efficiency. The USPTO reports that for the quarter, the average time between application filing and the first action was 3.1 months. The average total pendency of a trademark application was 10.5 months.

During the quarter, the USPTO received 104,580 trademark applications and registered 61,201 new marks. There are currently (as of September 30, 2011) 1,719,247 active trademark registrations maintained on the Federal Register.

The PTO also provdes pendency data for the different types of trademark applications for Q4 2011. The TEAS Plus type of trademark application had an average total pendency of 9.1 months, TEAS type had an average total pendency of 11 months, and paper applications had an average total pendency of 12.3 months. (TEAS stands for “Trademark Electronic Application System” and means that the trademark is filed electronically, while TEAS plus is a streamlined electronic application type.)